Saturday, January 5, 2013


We are on the brink of a new shift in the web and Joomla has the opportunity to be an early adopter in this shift. Taking part will help place Joomla ahead of other open source CMS's in terms of functionality, increase website conversions, and result in an overall better user experience. So what is this shift I'm talking about? It's the dynamic personalization of a website for the individual visitor. In this JCM whiteboard I will be exploring this concept and challenging Joomla developers to embrace and develop this concept.

What do you think? Voice your opinion on the topic of Joomla's adoption of a dynamic personalized web experience. Post in the comments now.You may also find the following link interesting:

Google News: Google may need history lesson on blocking rivals' products

Google News
With its decision to block Windows Phone users from accessing Google Maps, Google isn't the first browser maker to block users from accessing content with a competitive product.
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