Tuesday, March 24, 2009

WebCanDo.com launches Green Initiative

WebCanDo.com launches http://www.GreenCanDo.org an environmental and socially responsible service of WebCanDo.com. GreenCanDo provides solutions to recycle and remove e-waste from the environment. We support and ideas to save clean the environment and find new solutions for a zero carbon footprint.

GreenCanDo is the result of WebCanDo.com's (http://www.webcando.com) environmental commitment to recycling. Our programs were created to eliminate electronic devices from ending up in the waste stream. We encourage everyone to help preserve our earth for future generations by recycling their used devices through one of our three programs.

GreenCanDo creates financially productive partnerships with environmentally friendly charities and programs to ensure that the benefits of recycling mobile phones, electronics, and inkjet cartridges are maximized, and their environmental impact is minimized. GreenCanDo provides marketing, operations and logistics support to our causes and to protect the environment.

By recycling these disposables, the greatest possible value is perpetuated from these devices; consumers are offered a socially and environmentally responsible means of disposing of their used equipment, charities generate donations to further their missions, and we all take steps to bridge the digital divide by providing affordable modern communications to citizens in the developing world. The refurbished phones are primarily used to provide affordable wireless service throughout the Caribbean, Latin America, Eastern Europe and India.

GreenCanDo recycles all donated non-functioning mobile phone batteries in an environmentally responsible manner, and all unusable devices are disposed of in accordance with all local and national environmental standards.

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